I live in Portland, Oregon and have strong family ties to Los Angeles, Southern Sweden and soon Massachusetts.

I work at a private art college and so I’m always looking at art, thinking about it most of the work day, and dabble in the making of art. Mostly collage, card making, some book making and some painting. I’ve also been know to do a bit of sewing and knit every once in awhile. It’s so much more fun than doing housework or other chores.

I accepted Christ as my Lord and savior about 10 years ago and have attended a small church ever since. If you are curious about Christ, or would like to meet some great people check it out: http://www.celebrationchristianchurch.com/home/about-us/

As you read my blog (and hopefully leave comments) you will “meet” my sister and others in my family, all of whom are wonderful people.

So why Olives & Orchids…the olives part is easy – delicious! And the orchids, well I’ve always been amazed by this beautiful plant.

So here I am…enjoy


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