So what have I made, you might ask.  It is the a pocket sized Case Bound Book covered with paste paper that I made my self. I look at this book and think, “Wow, now I can have “Moleskin” books that I design and enjoy without having to buy one.” This makes me feel very accomplished

The stitching in the photo ended up being covered with book cloth (orange in this case), which is a shame since the stitching is so beautiful.

The paste paper was super fun to make.  I used one of my old rubber stamps, stamping randomly with a paste covered stamp.  Once it dried, I colored the paper with colored pencils using blue, orange and lime green.  After the paste paper was glued to the book cover, I coated the paper with cold wax medium to protect the paper.

Now to do some writing and fill the empty pages…more on this in a later post.


Cake Flour Paste Paper Recipe (jokingly referred to as ‘adult finger paint’)

Cold Wax Medium